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Founded in 1985, Sangsin EDP has succeeded in localizing Crt Gun Part which had been applied to TV Braun Tube part based on the ultra-precision technology of press and has grown into a company with technical expertise in the design and production of ultra-precision parts which are applied to Secondary Battery and Vehicle.

Sangsin EDP has Secondary Battery Part Division and Vehicle Part Division. Secondary Battery Part Division produces mid to large parts such as xEV and ESS, which is one of future businesses and small parts, which is Cylindrical type and CAN Type. In addition, the recently-developed Vehicle Part Division produces parts of vehicle interior and exterior with injection technology.

Based on these core technologies, Sangsin EDP has established local subsidiaries in China, Southeast Asia, and Europe to build a global production and sales system.

Sangsin EDP has a mission to continuously develop technology, innovate quality and improve the value of human life in the feild of Secondary Battery Business. We promise to move forward as a leader in energy innovation with challenge and passion.
Your continuous and close attention to our company is always appreciated. Thank you.