Business Overview

SANGSIN EDP is divided into the secondary battery parts and vehicle parts division.

Eletrical Vehicle

Electric VehiclexEV

Electric Cars are attracting the attention of consumers all over the world with outstanding technical development and eco-friendly performance. Sangsin EDP, selected as a Secondary Battery CAN developer for PHEV/EV in Sangsin SDI, has been mass-producing as it successfully developed Parts of Secondary Battery CAN based on accumulated technology and know-how.

Storage System

Energy Storage SystemESS

ESS, is energy storage that can replace such as solar and wind power, which is difficult to produce energy at a desired time, will be played one of key role in 4th industrial revolution. Sangsin EDP has the technology to produce Parts of EV Car and ESS, which are medium and large size of parts.

Small Sized Battery

small sized batteryCylinder / Square

Sangsin EDP was successfully developed Cylindrical type CAN, N/S-CID, CAN type and Ass’y upper Vent, which were all imported from Japan, and succeeded in localization in 2002. Sangsin EDP’s products have been applied to smart phones and power tools. Recently, the range of application to EV Car and ESS what a expanding.

Automotive Parts

Automotive Parts

In 2015, Sangsin EDP acquired Taehwa Pratech, a specialist in automotive parts and in 2018, it was merged with the automotive business division. The automotive parts division is mainly producing injection molded product of car interior parts, and is planning to expand its business range by constantly responding to changes in the spread of EV Car.