R&D Status

The company-affiliated R & D center raises business competitiveness of Sangshin EDP based on
world-class ultra-precision technology and accumulated experience.
At the R & D Center, efforts are being made to reinforce competitiveness throughout the business, from designing molds to optimized products to developing optimized manufacturing processes and facilities.

Core Tech Competitiveness

  • Deep Drawing

    Small Size Type

    Sangsin EDP 0.17mm
    Formation of raw material (50% above)

    Mid-Large Size Type

    Horizontal 85mm Ultra wide Drawing

    Height 100mm Ultra long axis Drawing

    Aspect Ratio 12:1
    ( competitors 8:1 )

  • Development
    Lead Time

    Industry of Secondary battery’s shortest Lead Time

    Small Size Type

    Sangsin EDP 45days

    Mid-Large Type

    Sangsin EDP 90days

  • Manpower & Infra

    Build 3D Design Library

    Raw material properties System

    High speed molding analysis System

    Securing high speed precision machine & heavy duty tools

    SW literacy of latest processing

    3D measurement / live monitoring

  • Korea 1st
    Developer of Vent

    Korea 1st supplier Vent-type CAN to SDI

    Applied to Secondary Battery : Cylindrical Type & CAN Type

R&D Status


R&D Configuration
  • New Business Technology Development

  • New Product Design / Development


    Mold Design

    Prior Tech Development/ Analysis

    Material/Part Localization

  • Product Performance Improvement

    Technology Asset Management

  • Model Diversification

    Design / Analysis

    Mold Production


    Reinforcement of mass production

    Process Improvement

  • Reinforcement of Mass Production


Intellectual Properties
  • Secondary Battery Part

    Patent 05

    Design 04

    Trademark 03


  • Others

    Trademark 02

    Design 05



Entire process from product development to mass production
  • 1

    3D CAD : Product Design

  • 2

    CAE(Formation) : Mold Design

  • 3

    Distribution : Drawing with 3D DATA

  • 4

    Mold Processing : with Drawing

  • 5

    Measure : with 3D DATA

  • 6

    LAPPING : 가공된 금형 手 LAPPING 진행

  • 7

    TRYOUT(1st Trial) : meet more than 95% of Spec

  • 8

    Sample Making

R&D Performance

  • Secondary Battery / Mid-Large Type CAN

    Aluminum Mat. + Deep Drawing Technology = xEV, ESS Case

    Explosion and fire protection, Passed Safety Test
    (shock, drop, vibration)

    Development and production of various size CAN products such as 0,4t wall thickness development
    (20 types)

    Development and possession of production facilities which make 250mm of long side length

  • Secondary Battery / Cylindrical Type CAN

    NTSN T-1 + Deep Drawing Technology

    Explosion and fire protection, Passed Safety Test
    (shock, drop, vibration)

    Applied to xEV

  • Secondary Battery / Safety Vent

    Lithium-ion type of Safety Vent for Secondary Battery Part

    When pressure rises above the internal pressure of the battery, the central Embo rises to shut off the electricity and make Gas emission by opening vent. [Safety Vent for explosion protection]

  • Secondary Battery / Square Type CAN

    Aluminum + Deep Drawing Technology

    Explosion and fire protection, Passed Safety Test (shock, drop, vibration)

    Relatively short Lead Time in the industry

  • Secondary Battery /CAP PLATE(for Press Vent)

    With 0.8t of A3003H-14 Plate, theoretical calculation of breaking pressure + Establish optimal process by performing CAE for measuring at shape of Notch Part