Mid-Large Type Parts

    Producing more than 10 products, including xEV and ESS CAN, which are considered core technologies for next-generation energy products.
    Over the years, Sangsin EDP has secured product competitiveness based on skilled technology know-how and succeeded securing customers of Secondary Battery CAN’s Manufacturing

  • PRODUCT.02

    Small Type Parts

    Producing partS of Secondary Battery CAN that is applied to small IT product but also power tools and lap tops.
    It is a representative product that succeeded in localizing all the products imported from Japan. And it is an industry with high entry barrier as it requires high drawing technology.

  • PRODUCT.03

    Vehicle Part

    Expended business area to the vehicle interior part.
    Sangsin EDP produces a lot of injection products such as Bumper(FR/RR), Engine Cover, Door Lamp, etc. which are applied to exterior and interior of vehicle parts and having high quality competitiveness.