Preferred Talents

  • Creative talent who always
    seeks new changes without
    being tied to existing thinking

  • Challenge spirit who leading
    change and innovation and
    does not fearing failure

  • Talents that can be organically
    active based on mutual respect
    within the organizational life

  • Talents that through endless
    ability development to promote
    the growth and leading the future

Recruitment Procedure


Recruitment Area
  • Research & Development

  • Production / Quality Manager

  • Technical Sales

  • Management


  • Common

    Persons without reasons for disqualification under Article 33 of the National Civil Service Law (In case for male candidate, he must have military service or exemption)

    Academic background : graduation from a high school or university

    Career : New / Experienced

  • Preferential treatment

    Fluent in foreign languages ​​(English / Hungarian / Chinese, etc.)

    Open to work abroad

    A person with relevant experience or majoring in related role

    PHD / Master's level
    - Degree holder by field


Required Documents
  • Common


    Self-introduction letter (Free form)

    Highest education level certificate/ Transcript

  • The right person

    Certificate of foreign language (Eg: TOEIC , TOEFL etc)

    (PHD level/Research position) Evidence data such as performance of various portfolio projects


How to apply
  • Application form

  • Document screening

  • Interview

  • Final interview


Welfare benefits | Domestic/Oversea

  • In-house loan system

  • Club Support

  • Dormitory

  • Family Occasion support

  • Birthday gift certificate

  • Educational Welfare

  • Regular health checkup

  • Spring / Winter Workwear

  • Awarded Long-term employees

  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan

  • Sports Day

  • Corporate Condominium

+Overseas Corporation

  • Provide home

  • Medical expenses

  • Moving expenses

  • Children's Education Fees

  • Air ticket support

Resume Registration

  • How to register

    If you would like to register with the resume, please fill out the registration form below and send it to

    If you want to delete a registration, you can request to above email address.

  • At registration

    If you register for a resume, you will be notified by e-mail when a full-time position is posted.

    Registration data are kept for 2 years. If you wish to re-enroll, you will need to apply again.

  • Precautions

    SANGSIN EDP is posting job openings by external recruitment portal.

    The timing and frequency of recruitment can be adjusted according to the situation.

    Even if you have registered with the talent pool, please refer to the website and recruitment portal from time to time.

    Download the Talent Pool Registration Form